Firm registration number: 977 076129 MVA

The owner, Rein Lae Solberg was born in 1935. He retired as Lt.Col. from the Norwegian Airforce. He lives in Raade, Ostfold County, 70 km Southeast of Oslo. He has three children and five grandchildren. His wife, Nan, died in 2005.

Rein Lae Solberg started with roses as a hobby in 1977 in San Antonio, Texas. Founded the Norwegian Rose Society in 1982 and has functioned as the elected chairman for 12 years. Editor of the magazine Rosebladet (The Roseleaf) for many years. Co-editor of the Society's book "List of Rose Varieties" (pictures and description of approximately 390 varieties suitable for Norway) in 1995. Photographing, especially of roses and flowers, is another hobby he has had for many years.

In 1994 he started his own firm "RoseExperten" (The RoseExpert). The firm does lectures, seminars, writes articles and makes laminated rosesigns for nurseries, rents out fine quality rosepictures (slides), translates rosebooks, etc. Mr. Solberg has also been co-editor of the large Readers Digest Garden Book, new edition in 1995, section roses from page 134. He has recently translated Gilly Loves wonderful book "Roses" into Norwegian. It was published October 1997.
The firm RoseExperten  specializes in selling historic and hardy shrub roses.
Since 1996 he has given guest lectures on roses at the Agricultural University at Aas (NLH) South of Oslo.

He has served 6 years as Vice President, World Federation of Rose Societies (WFRS 1997-2003). He is also an international Rose Judge.

* The firm RoseExperten was terminated in March 2015